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Kabab or (Kebab) means “cut meat into pieces and roasted on a skewer”. The Persophones use Kâbâb on a daily basis, while the Turkophones call Kébâb. This term is westernized over time, to designate these beautiful skewers of charcoal grilled meats

Illustrated in the picture. Marché ARIYA specializes in Kabab which accounts for our popularity. Kabab has been with us for many generations. For us, meat is tasty and excellent to eat only if it is (grilled over the fire), otherwise it is no longer a prestigious meat.

Roasting meat skewers

Roasting meat skewers

Born in Turkey centuries ago, Kebab was a special way to cook lamb marinated in a blend of milk, lemon juice, olive oil, onion, garlic and thyme.  Once the meat is cut into thin strips and pricked on a skewer then cooked, taking care to keep a few centimetres apart between the meat and the charcoal.

The skewer is rotated without interruption for a smooth and successful cooking.

The kebab and its many variations

The kebab and its many variations

The döner is one of the best kebab recipes, and probably the most sophisticated recipe, invented in the nineteenth century by a Turkish cook. 

This kebab recipe is made with thin strips of lamb once roasted and perfectly caramelized, arranged on pieces of Turkish bread garnished with tomato sauce and covered with green peppers.

Everything is sprinkled with warm butter and yoghurt. A rich and delicious dish, a true delight for the eyes and the palate!

The shish kebab

Shish kebab is a Greek speciality, made with small chopped lamb meatballs and very fragrant, more or less spicy. 
Shish kebab is served with sour cream or yoghurt, tomato sauce and pickled peppers. 
It is very easy to make an excellent homemade kebab, just marinate the meat as it fits


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