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Cheeses are not only good, but they also provide sources of healthy nutrients, which are necessary for growth, healthy teeth or bones. It would be a shame to miss out on all the benefits of this food.  

Cheeses are fermented or unfermented foods made from substances of dairy origin. There are several varieties of cheeses in Canada. Depending on some aspect of their manufacture, all these varieties can be grouped into different categories according to the fat content, water, milk, calcium.

Apart from the texture, they are also distinguished by the type of milk used.


The different varieties of cheeses

Goat cheese from the Pyrenees to camembert cheese from Normandy, while traveling up to Italy, Greece or the United Kingdom, taste the treasures of processed dairy products.

There are several varieties of cheeses. Some of these varieties are made with cow’s milk, others with goat’s milk. They can be classified by blue-veined, soft, flowery crust, etc. but also according to regions, sizes, shapes and textures.

Eating Cheese

Eating cheese is recommended for your health with its high source of calcium content. However it is important to respect the daily comsumption.

It should be noted that several kilograms of cheese are consumed each year by the French. The most popular are emmental, or camembert … cheese provides a better quality of protein and a significant amount of calcium, an essential mineral to solidify bones and teeth.

Eating cheese also provides some zinc, which is essential for the immune system, as well as vitamins A, B2 and B12.

Offer Cheeses  

Cheese is good and it provides a lot of good! At breakfast, on bread, in a hot dish… No limits to your creativity! With its many variations, cheese is a source of pleasure for all tastes. It contributes to a healthy and balanced diet and strengthens the perception of taste especially in children. 

Offering cheese is as great idea, surely you haven’t thought about it, know that giving cheese as a gift is an original gesture and is well appreciated.

Any occasion is good for offering cheeses. All you have to do is enjoy it in good company.

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